My enjoyment of Science Fiction Reading

Update: Feb 2008: The newest book of the Saga of Recluce is released. I have received it from Amazon.  It is good to be reading again. Especially on nice days with the windows open and the breeze rolling through. 

It all started with the Magic Engineer. I realized I had not read a book in awhile so I browsed the Science Fiction Section.  I think I have an Engineer mindset some times so the title caught my attention.  I enjoyed the book and realized it was part of a series. I then started at the beginning and read each of the books in the series.  Before I knew it I had read them all.  Since I still wanted to read more I started the Spellsong cycle and Read several of them. 

I was able to actually correspond with Mr Modesitt via Email and he recommended the Corean Chronicles. I have finished the first and second book and just started the third.  As I read the books I place a hold on the next book at the library.  I drop off and pick up the new one instantly. I used this method regularly.  Occasionally I renew a book on the web. I am not kidding that I enjoy the books. Try one!