Mom's Lemon Cake Recipe

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·        ½ Cup FRESH Lemon Juice (Real Lemon® or Bottled not recommended) Roughly 5 Grocery Store Lemons

·         2 Cups Powdered Sugar


·        1 Small Box Lemon Jell-O® Gelatin

·        1 Duncan Hines® Classic Yellow Cake Mix

·        3/4cup Vegetable Oil (Canola not recommended)

·        3/4cup Water

·        4 eggs

Pre-heat Oven to 350°

Mix Cake Ingredients for about 4 Minutes until well blended.

Grease and Flour a 13” by 9” GLASS dish (Metal not recommended)

Bake for about 1 hour or until a toothpick removes cleanly

While Cake Bakes

Strain Lemon juice to remove pulp and seeds.

Mix Lemon Juice in to Powdered Sugar a little at a time

Set aside.


Once Cake is done

Let Stand 5 to 10 minutes

While slowly pouring glaze over cake, use a meat fork or butter knife to poke holes throughout cake so drizzle can enter cake.





·        Avoid using store bought lemon juice such as Real® Lemon. The flavor does not work well.

·        Use a GLASS baking dish with the cake. The acid in the lemon will cause a metal taste if baked in aluminum or stainless steel dish.

·        Squeeze Lemon in to glass dish for same reason as above.

·        Mix Lemon juice into the sugar instead of sugar into the juice for smoother glaze

·        Save spent lemons in freezer for cleaning garbage disposal.