Things related to relaxing.


Several years ago I sat in an awesome hammock that was woven cotton without a spreader bar.  It changed my view on hammocks forever.  It envelops you and if you lay at a slight angle it keeps your back mostly straight.  You have to work a bit to get out but falling out or flipping over is unlikely.  Within the past year I finally got one for myself and enjoy it occasionally. 

Handmade Yucatan Hammock Matrimonial Size 

by Hammocks Rada 

Binaural Beats: 

I have used this only on occasion.  It is a unique phenomenon that can be used to relax or focus the mind.  Our brain works in different frequencies when in different states.  One such state is Delta when we sleep.  These frequencies if expressed in sound are too low for us to hear.  However If you give your left and right ears two similar sounds that are different by a certain will 'hear'  that difference.  Using headphones you can listen to stereo sounds that have been modified to create this effect.  Consciously you may hear pulses within the sound.  It is a gentle and drugless way to assist relaxing.   

A graphic illustration can be found here:


A non-required task or activity of creativity relaxes me.  That would not be the case if it is on deadline or urgency.  Writing this site at my leisure right now is relaxing.  This includes any MacGyver-ing I have been known to do.


I find myself enjoying music mostly from the 90's..some 80's.  I have so many lyrics in my head but missing titles and artists.  That is what I get for listening to radio stations that don't say what they are playing.