Some of the things I like

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Stargate SG-1 - Not happy that it was abruptly canceled despite good ratings

    I have a numbered limited edition lithograph (poster) that my brother had bought me.  I had Spillers Framing frame it for me.. Looks good.I am looking forward to the upcoming Stargate movie(s).

I have watched Dean Anderson as MacGyver  I like to think outside the box to make things work or fix things with whatever is laying around.

I like science fiction. Mostly space or future related. Not horror Scifi (Frakenstien, Alien, Predator, etc)

I like the Discovery Channel, HIstory Channel, etc.  I like to learn, hate to study.  If I can learn at my own pace with no rush I am happy. I am a hands on leaner. Impatient at times which makes it hard to teach others. 


I like music.90's Pop, Vocal, Orchastra, Smooth Jazz, some country. I like to sing in the car.  I like to sing in church.

I like to disassemble and assemble things. Hopefully both successfully.

I like to complain even though I know that I have little I should complain about. It is easy conversation. Perhaps a social crutch.